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There are different types of graphs according to the indicators you want to represent. You can also share your digital dashboard with the right people. Who will find your dashboard useful? You could have a dashboard focus on Google Adwords performance, but the dashboard wouldn’t effective for anyone on your development team, since they can’t do any work that directly impacts the data, nor would it suitable for your executive team, since they’re incribly busy with other priorities and would only have time to examine a metric that summarizes total ad spend.

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However, it’s important to share the dashboard with your marketing team, so the relevant people can answer your questions and monitor digital marketing KPIs . How do companies use Ecuador Phone Number List digital dashboards? All roles, regardless of department, have business questions that ne to answer. When a question arises about a particular aspect of progress or performance, companies can turn to a digital dashboard. Similarly, when referring to a dashboard, data visualizations should invoke questions that stimulate action. Here are some examples of the types of questions dashboards can help answer: “Why is our churn rate increasing and how can we keep it stable.

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With a customer retention metric . “What is causing this sudden influx in referral traffic from our Twitter account?” “Are we meeting our Facebook ad goals? Are we spending DP Leads too much? Who uses the digital data dashboards? Organizations are often looking for a way to simplify the analysis and distribution of data. Anyone who wants to save time, gain control of their processes and performance, and avoid data overload should use a digital dashboard. to track their campaigns and conversion rates, sales teams use them to stay on top of opportunities, and executive teams and SaaS companies use them for an ongoing overview of leads. your organization’s statistics. marketing teams Marketers must constantly design ads, launch campaigns, and capture the attention of their target audience. They also ne to monitor which campaigns are generating the most leads, which are underperforming, whether they are meeting their goals for the week, month, quarter, etc.