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The easiest way to determine what’s working and what’s not is to perform a cost-per-acquisition analysis. You simply add up what you spend on marketing in a month and divide by the number of new customers you acquire. If that figure is more than the amount you expect to receive from a customer, you’re losing money on marketing. Once this is done, it’s important to dig deeper and see what the cost per acquisition is for each campaign in order to refine your efforts and ruce marketing costs. Learn more about the cost of customer acquisition.

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Lifetime value is simply the amount you expect to earn from the customer over the course of just the time they remain a customer. For a subscription-bas service, this is simply the average Romania Phone Number List monthly revenue multipli by the average length of the subscription. For a sales-orient business, it would be the average sale multipli by the average number of sales. These types of customer metrics are not only useful when compar to cost of acquisition, but it is a useful metric on its own as it shows ways to grow this value. Whether it’s finding ways to keep customers longer or simply earning more revenue from them while they’re with you.

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What is Lifetime Value and how is it calculat?  Customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction can be hard to track, but it’s a crucial step, as satisfaction not only determines DP Leads how long customers prefer your brand and how much they spend, but how likely they are to recommend you to their friends or family. Surveys and polls are the easiest way to collect satisfaction metrics through discussion groups. One-on-one interviews can help uncover specific problems that can be improv. There are a few more ways, but you should also try to get creative with how you track metrics to measure customer satisfaction.