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You are likely to use various marketing and advertising techniques. When you measure traffic, you can see exactly how well these methods are working. Online retailers get most of their traffic from organic and paid search. However, other channels like email and social mia also drive a decent amount of traffic to online stores: You can use Google Analytics to find out the bounce rate and find out the percentage of visitors who leave without visiting a second page on your site. Now, the question is, what to do with this information.

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Do more of what’s working for you. For example, if you see a lot of traffic from social mia, double down on your social mia marketing to acquire even more visitors. You Burma Business Email List also have to consider what is not working. Maybe, you put a lot of effort into on-page SEO but you still aren’t getting as much organic traffic as you’d like. This means that your current SEO strategy is not working, so you ne to change it. Lastly, you should experiment with more acquisition channels. You could find an untapp channel that will increase traffic to your e-commerce site. For example, you might want to try Google Shopping or partner with influencers.

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The continue to monitor where your traffic is coming from and modify your strategy accordingly. Here are some factors for the success of an ecommerce that you DP Leads should consider.  Cart abandonment The cart abandonment rate is another of the e-commerce indicators. It is us to measure users who add items to their cart and leave without making a purchase. Naturally, this is significant as it represents a potential lost sale. It is estimat that on average three out of four users abandon their carts. How often does this happen in your e-commerce store? If your cart abandonment rate is high, it could mean that there are frictions or roadblocks on your site app.