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 HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR SITE STRUCTURE FOR THE BEST LINK JUICE DISTRIBUTION Optimizing your website structure is an important element to obtain the best link juice distribution. To achieve this. Several techniques must be use. First. You must ensure that all pages of your website are easily accessible to search engine robots through appropriate internal linking. Internal links should be include on every page of your site and should lead to other pages on your site. Moreover. It is important to ensure an appropriate hierarchy of pages and subpages. The home page should be the main entry point to the site and should have direct links to other pages. All subpages should have direct links to the main home page and to other subpages.

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Additionally. It is important to minimize the number of clicks neede to reach a specific area of the website. Finally. It is also important to optimize the content on the pages of your website so that so that search engine robots can easily index them and pass link juice to appropriate pages . TO USE INTERNAL LINKS TO IMPROVE LINK JUICE DISTRIBUTION Internal links are an important element of SEO optimization. They allow the distribution of link juice. I.e. The positioning power of the website. Between individual subpages of the website.

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Internal links allow search engines to more easily find and index your site’s content and pass SEO value to your most important pages. To improve the distribution of link juice. Use internal links strategically and deliberately. Links should be place naturally within the body of your article or blog post to give readers easy access to other pages on your site. It is also important that links are properly formatte and keyworde to make it easier for search engines to identify target pages . TO USE PAGE HIERARCHY TO IMPROVE LINK JUICE DISTRIBUTION Page hierarchy is an important element in website design.