How to make it work correctly

Now that we have passed the first wave of great enthusiasm for social media and everyone is well accustomed to it, simply being online is not enough. Your company can certainly benefit from having tens of thousands of followers, and that’s really healthy for business. But activating the Word of Mouth requires commitment. So, first of all, you can consider investing in Content Marketing. Offer valuable information, answer people’s questions, prompt people to comment on hot topics, etc.

Encourage image sharing

Users are familiar with that tool, so take Email Database advantage of it, including the neutral hashtags that are already spreading. Both holidays and notable events can give you some ideas. Additionally, encourage your audience to create and share images and videos on social media. Even gifs and memes can create comments. The trick here is to offer some type of reward, such as discounts or freebies. 

Show reviews and testimonials

As we mentioned above, people pay much DP Leads more attention to other customers’ experiences than they do to ads. By displaying reviews and testimonials on your website, social media, or blog , you use their voices to ensure the quality. And performance of what you offer. That’s why this is called social proof, and people feel more comfortable knowing. That they are not alone in their journey. An important takeaway here is that you should combine. Different media to increase the impact of your strategy.