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Can the loan employer is at least the national minimum regardless of working time. When to change your temporary residence and work permit? A foreigner may apply for a change of the uniform permit to the voivode competent for the place of current residence in the event of a change: employers, the user’s employer if employ by a temporary employment agency , conditions specifi in Art. section points – of the Act on Foreigners, i.e. change of position, the Can the loan lowest remuneration he will receive, working time or type of contract. Changing the residence and work permit is not necessary Article f a of the Act.

On employment promotion

Labor market institutions when the register office, place of residence or legal form of the employer changes, the civil law contract was replac by an employment contract, the name of the position changes while maintaining the same scope of responsibilities, working philippines photo editor time increases with a simultaneous proportional increase in remuneration. Determining the minimum salary in an annex to the temporary residence and work permit If the minimum wage guarante by the employer is equal to the national minimum wage, it can be specifi in the terms of employment, not in the form of an amount, but in the form of a provision that.

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Rate in force in a given year. This will abolish the obligation to change the permit when the minimum wage increases by law. Example The foreigner has a uniform permit for the DP Leads period from March to August , . The employer has enter in Annex No. that the employee’s minimum remuneration will be in accordance with the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of September , on the amount of the minimum remuneration for work and the amount of the minimum wage hourly rate in . Thanks to this.