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You can watch the film when you want, where you want and with whom you want. The wires are gone, proximity is instead at the top and the time factor is significantly ruc. Plug and play robotics is gaining ground Integrable, reliable plug & play standards, always up-to-date online technology and an easy interface are the reasons behind the massive time ruction. It is he who has made streaming so widespread and simple that everyone from the youngest to the oldest citizen can watch films on TV, smart phone or tablet. What does this have to do with the Danish manufacturing industry? Yes, there are many companies that still live by the VHS/moviebox dogma.

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There is a long time-to-market time, a long production and planning horizon and large resources are us to connect, plan and coordinate before the value – the production – is finally realiz. During SMS Gateway Japan the process, the risk is obviously great. In many places, the wires can get messy, so to speak. What about the companies that live by the steaming dogma? Unlike the VHS companies, the streaming companies are able to quickly start production at lightning spe. They don’t have to mess with a production device that doesn’t talk, play or fit together. Nor do they have to wait for an expert with the key skills to have time to get production up and running.

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Happ technology combines hardware and apps Globally, robot development is moving in the direction of plug and play. In the future, robots will therefore become more and more DP Leads standardiz and will increasingly be bas on combinable modular solutions with an easier interface. Will they then become less advanc? No! because at the same time as the ever-increasing expansion of the number of modules, the scope of always-up-to-date applications increases, so that the robots’ functionality and operational reliability are strengthen. It is the HAPP technology: the combination of standardiz module-bas HARdware solutions and online access to the advanc, user-friendly and stable software.