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The gods must know that there are no obvious talents among the current candidates for prime minister, but can’t we at least agree that a total showdown with best-case budgeting and let’s see if it works out is ne mentality while we still have a country and an infrastructure? Perhaps we should in reality do what many large Danish companies end up doing: Hire a foreign top manager. Rapid deployment is a key term that characterizes the manufacturing industry’s transformative capability. But what is hidden behind the word? In order not to fall into the classic engineer-geek trap when defining a foreign word, consider the massive change that video film has undergone. From movie box to streaming.

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When I was a kid decades ago, movies weren’t something you stream. The word didn’t even exist! If DR did not have something interesting on the program on a Friday evening, the family Bulk SMS Philippines pull on jackets, hats and boots. Then we could drive to the local gas station to discuss which VHS movie to rent. With compromise, cassette and movie box under arm, we found ourselves – perhaps an hour later – in the TV room again. After that, everything had to be install. 2-3 plants had to be connect. Leads me here and there. Maybe there was a defect of some kind and maybe the plugs were not convertible.

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It regularly requir special skills to install the equipment. The swear words of the adults were rarely advisable for sensitive children’s ears when the technique was crudely DP Leads teasing. Sometimes the film wasn’t even rewound. When it was done with a loud mechanical click, quite a while had pass. Then you had to start the rewind the other way: past boring pre-films and long subtitles. And THEN the movie could start. It was sometimes pleasant, usually also troublesome and always includ a fair amount of planning and patience. If you want to watch a film today, there is a map from thought to action. The streaming options are just a click from your finger.