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The company’s objectives, as well as giving them sufficient support and security to make daily work meaningful, hence the importance of having indicators to measure the motivation of employees . The most successful companies tend to have the most motivat employees. But, how to motivate employees and know if they are willing to give their best? Sometimes it can be difficult to gauge how motivat your employees are , especially if leaders don’t have daily or even weekly contact with all of their subordinates. Also, it can be difficult to determine the true level of motivation within your organization as people’s perspectives change from day to day.

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However, we have discover that monitoring certain indicators to measure motivation is ideal to know the pulse of your organization . What is employee motivation? Employee motivation is France Business Email List the set of personal, economic, social and environmental factors that lead employees to invest fully and effectively in the performance and completion of their tasks. This will lead to the success and general prosperity of the company . If personal factors, that is, those of the individual such as the will to do things well and investment, are levers on which the company can hardly intervene and develop.

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Others in which you can have a direct action. What are the main motivations of employees? What do they want from your company? In the concept of work motivation, two main DP Leads theories stand out. There is quality of life at work and management practices . So what will tend to motivate employees in their work will be the fact that they feel good in their work environment and that they don’t feel oppress by management. But it is also important that they feel comfortable in their way of working, that the environment is conducive to exchange, that they feel consider in their work.