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A study by the US National Centers for Environmental Information found that temperatures in the Unit States remain at a normal ratio between 1981 and 2010. However, since then the upward variations are significant. On the other hand, scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado, estimate that if climate change continues its current progression, between 2061 and 2080 summers will be even hotter than those record until today. Preventing this from happening means rucing greenhouse gas emissions.

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The ne to be alert to global warming and its effects While increas heat is often good for tourism operators, it must be taken into account that temperatures such as those we are reaching imply a greater risk of illness and death, crop losses, forest fires and large storms. We are still four months away from the arrival of summer. However, a few days ago it was announc that there is a probability that a moderate El Niño will occur in the summer of 2019. The announcement business email list means, on the one hand, executing the reconstruction and prevention works from Tumbes to Lima without further delay, and on the other hand, generate a provident fund to face the disruption and damage that this type of phenomenon inevitably produces.
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It was believ, for some time, that its author was Jorge Luis Borges, who would have written it on the threshold of existence, as a kind of lyrical farewell to the imminence of death. It was cit in schools and universities, and was us when studying the work of the famous writer, until María Kodama, his widow, call attention DP Leads to his spurious condition. The bumpy itinerary of these verses was start in 1988 by Uno Mismo , an Argentine magazine specializ in psychology issues, direct by Juan Carlos Kreimer, whose itorship one day Luis Frejtan arriv – at that time, in charge of the Elpis environmental foundation . – trumpeting the novel discovery.