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A year later, Plural magazine, found by Octavio Paz in 1971, would contribute to its dissemination through an article written by Mauricio Ciechanower, entitl “A poem a few steps from death”, and publish in the May 1989 issue. Three years later, Queen ‘s Quarterly , a prestigious Canadian publication, would release “Moments”, an English version prepar by the renown Scottish poet Alastair Reid, translator of the Argentine writer’s work. These mia never question his authorship: suddenly, “Instantes” became part of the legacy left by Borges. Although the poem in some of its passages seems to border on kitsch, it could not be said in categorical terms that it does not possess a certain beauty and some literary success, to the point that, as has been record, critics, poets and translators, surely with their

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Censor instinct soften by the famous (and strangely unquestion as well as false) authorial origin of the text, they contribut with resolute spirit to its dissemination. Some years after its original publication, María Kodama would be business lead in charge of undoing the mess through a letter sent to Uno Mismo , the Argentine publication that had given the first impetus to the journey of this bastard text, in which she ask that mium to make a rectification. It was later learn that its origins were uncertain (as can be seen by reading the good article by Iván Almeida) and point to an American poet,

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Nadine Stair (an old woman from Kentucky who, finally, turn out to be. Nadine Strain), who in 1978, in a magazine call. Family Circus, had publish some lines in prose DP Leads that coincid almost entirely with the text attribut to Borges. Shortly after. A writing was even. Found that contain passages. That were very similar to the verses of that poet. But that had been publish much earlier, in 1953, by Ron Herold, an American cartoonist. In the October ition of Reader’s Digest. However. It was not establish with certainty that Herold’s text was the original.