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We ne to know how to interpret our data in order to continue to meet our marketing goals and KPIs . What is a BI tool for marketing? It is that tool that provides the knowlge bas on data that companies ne to guide the marketing process. BI tools can help companies understand their audience, find trends in customer behavior, measure the effectiveness of cross-channel marketing efforts, and reveal insights about competitors. Why have a BI tool for marketing? Marketing is measurable. Marketing has evolv from billboard ads on the side of the road – with no real way to measure how many eyes saw your ad in a day – to digital marketing.

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The impressions of our digital ad campaigns from the moment in which they are launch. The job that marketers do is to get their work out into the world for people to consume and enjoy. And once it’s on the web, we can Belgium Business Fax List almost instantly measure its performance. For every marketer, time and tools are the biggest obstacles. Is it really a problem of too many data sources and not enough time to collect the data from each one? For marketing teams drowning in data, the solution is to use a dashboard . There are many reasons to have a BI tool for marketing, but we are going to know the three main ones.

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Lots of data is duplicat in apps, spreadsheets, and documents. This ne not be so. Also, they usually do this manually. Marketers use countless apps and platforms on a DP Leads daily basis. From HubSpot to Facebook Ads to Google Analytics, they connect to each platform to access data. Now add the fact that data is duplicat in spreadsheets and documents, how are you suppos to keep track of what’s up to date and what’s outdat data? With a Business intelligence tool such as a digital marketing dashboard , you can gather all your metrics in one place and visualize the ones that matter most to you.