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Sometimes the failure is due to external factors of a company , but you should not stop considering what happens inside: the finances, the personnel or the machinery of the company. Let’s learn more about these factors that you must take care of to help the company prosper. What are the internal factors of a company? They refer to all things that are in the company and under its control, whether tangible or intangible. These factors are group into strengths and weaknesses. If an element brings positive effects to the company, it is consider a strength. If a factor hinders the development of the company, it is a weakness.

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The organization develops , both as an autonomous organizational entity and in response to its external environment. Examples of Internal Factors These are some of the internal Netherlands Mobile Number List factors of a company that can contribute or harm its performance: The owners or owners It is the group of people who have invest in the company and have rights over the organization. They have the right to change company policy at any time, which can have a positive or negative influence. Mission Why is there an organization? What’s your objective? The answer to these basic questions describes the mission of an organization.

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A clear idea of ​​its ultimate goal and knows how to achieve it. I invite you to read: Organizational goals . Definition, types and importance Board of directors The Board of Directors is DP Leads the body that governs the company elect by the shareholders and responsible for supervising the main leaders of a company, such as the CEO. Great leaders inspire and direct. The most convincing way to do this is usually by example. So any decision can be consider within the internal factors that can affect a company. Organizational structure At one time, most organizations had very hierarchical structures, with many levels of management defining the organization from top to bottom.