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Recently, it has been proven that organizations with flat structures (with few hierarchical levels) outperform those with highly hierarchical structures. This is one of the internal factors of a company to which more attention must be paid. Staff Employees and the unions they belong to are very important. If manag properly, they can positively change the policy of the organization. However, poor personnel management could lead to a catastrophic situation for the company. The staff must do their job well. Managers must manage their junior staff well. However, even if everyone is capable and talent, internal politics and conflict can ruin a good company.

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Measure the success of human capital . Economic resources Money is vital for every company to achieve its plan. No company can survive without resources. Once a business New Zealand Mobile Number List has a sufficient budget, it can easily execute its plans and grow. Even in a dynamic economy, a lack of money can determine whether a company survives or dies. If you have enough capital, you have much more flexibility to grow your business or weather an economic downturn. Organizational culture Every organization has its own culture.

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Organization can be good or bad. Good or bad in the sense that it affects the fulfillment of the goals and objectives of the company. The culture of the organization affects the company, since DP Leads it contributes greatly to the achievement of business objectives. Importance of identifying internal factors that affect a company Knowing the internal factors that affect an organization provides the company with the necessary information to effectively address its priorities and develop useful strategic plans for the future. Ranking factors bas on how severely each one will affect the organization and how likely it is to occur can help determine which factors ne immiate attention and which ones can be put aside for a while.