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The appropriate has been actively supporting the Magento community for several years. Meet Magento Poland Meet Magento Poland program Lectures and speeches. This year, the Meet Magento Poland program will include. Over inspiring presentations and thematic workshops to expand your knowledge. These are two days of interesting discussions and knowledge exchange with the best in the industry. Especially for this occasion, our CTO Adrian Chojnicki. Will prepare a technical presentation on the integration of Magento with a voice assistant. Such as Amazon Alexa or Syri known from Apple devices.

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The ability to query voice devices, for example about orders place in a store. Is undoubtedly the future and one of the hottest topics in e-commerce. Ecommerce Manager Academy As part of Meet Magento, a special series of lectures. The Ecommerce Manager Photo Retouching Academy – will be held for the second time. The series is intend to show how flexible and interesting. The Magento system is and is base primarily on practical knowledge. The previous edition of the series was extremely popular among Ecommerce Managers. This year, our CEO Andrzej Szylar will lead the block relate to Assortment Management and individual price lists.

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Meet Magento Poland location Event venue Meet Magento takes place in an extraordinary place near Krakow – Alvernia Planet, a spectacular place consisting of domes and over of space. This is a futuristic place whose interiors are model on interiors DP Leads known from movies about spaceships, transporting participants to a completely different dimension and emphasizing the modernity of the platform. This is a place that is really worth visiting, and Meet Magento is a great opportunity to do so! Meet Magento Alvernia Let’s meet at Meet Magento As a Silver Sponsor, Global Net will also have its stand at the event, we will be happy to meet those interest and talk about Magento and how to effectively implement and develop the platform to ensure the greatest possible flexibility and scalability.