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In various Reis dominate all bases covere in the test. reis hosting – performance Check out the fastest WordPress hosting on the market and Ecommerce hosting that supports the NoSQL Reis database. Flexibility Unlike strippe-down databases such as PostgreSQL or MongoDB, which offer limite data structures, Reis offers a wide range of structures to meet the demanding requirements of extensive applications. Data types that Reis covers: Strings – text or binary data Lists – sets of strings in the order they were adde Sets – unordere sets of strings Sorte sets – sets ordere by value Hashes – structures for storing fields and values.

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Bitmaps (bitmaps) – data type for bit-level operations Hyperlogs – structures for estimating unique elements reis flexibility Simplicity The Reis data structure provides built-in data processing operations at the database photo editor level rather than at the application level. Code simplification in the Reis architecture allows you to write fewer lines of code neee to store, use, or read data in your application. Therefore, the magazine in question is distinguishe by cleaner, more elegant code and faster execution time , and therefore – simpler operation and better system performance. The most popular programming languages ​​that Reis supports. Java PHP JavaScript Python Pearl Ruby Node.

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