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Although oral storytelling appears to be an immiate byproduct of language evolution, writing appears to have originat in ancient Mesopotamia around 3,400 BC. The Sumerian civilization made marks on clay tablets,   economic and administrative records. Facts simply present data; while the narrative of a story provides context, which increases our understanding and generates valuable insights. Speaking of the 14th century and the 20th century, we can say that there were great advances in the development of technology.

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The way and channels in which we mention and share stories have certainly evolv. Inventions like printing, radio, and television undoubtly had an impressive impact Suriname Business Email List on human life and data storytelling. And of course, nowadays, we are constantly present with new ways and new channels to tell stories and to influence other people. Modern storytelling can be found in our cinemas, our televisions, our newspapers, and of course, on the internet; Without a doubt, any mium we consume has the potential to tell a story. As humans, we are by nature social creatures and have evolv in distinctive ways compar to other species and this is all part of our increasingly social world.

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Power to help us understand meaningful information and, as a consequence, can shape our values, determine our biases, and influence our dreams. Using stories to DP Leads remember is a simple technique us by memory contest champions. The effectiveness of the method is bas on the use of the narrative capacity to help the memory process, all this through the emotional aspect of a story that can involve more parts of the brain, making the story and its elements easier. to remember. Discover how to have a data-driven company . Innovation in data storytelling Big companies have us data to tell a story for many years. However, everything is usually like a very manual process, from the data extraction part to data visualization and the narration of these.