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The components of the narrative refer to the simple language us to describe the data, this part is what can be consider as a voice for the data. Each data point is a character in a story, a protagonist, each with their own story to tell. Combin, the narrative, the data and the images (the visualization) can create data stories, which is something that drives change in companies. Here are 7 data visualization elements that you should know. Data Storytelling Examples The “Data Storytelling” or the narration of data in Spanish is not a new concept. Companies have work on it for many years and those who have appli it have certainly seen success.

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How Spotify and Uber have us the power of data storytelling to communicate with their customers. Spotify In recent years, Spotify, the world’s largest music Peru Business Email List player application, annually sends its customers a recap of the songs and artists they have listen to the most throughout the year. These little stories certainly increase interest and loyalty to the brand, customers in this email can even know the number of minutes they have listen to music in the year, it is something impressive. This is certainly an amazing way to communicate with customers and a perfect way to say thank you even once a year.

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Does Uber has us data storytelling to communicate with its customers on an annual basis. Instead of sending them an annual recap email showing the total amount DP Leads of money they’ve spent with Uber. They now show their customers how much value. The service has provid them by displaying personaliz statistics of their experience with the service. App, so users can immiately see how much of an impact. Their experience with the brand has had on their everyday lives. Why is data storytelling important? If we think about it, we have to accept that even historically.