What is a concept map

Did you know that the human brain processes images 60 thousand times faster than texts? That is why the concept map stands out as an excellent tool to organize and represent knowledge.

Its use makes it easy to visualize the relationships  between different concepts, helping you evaluate and understand complex topics.

In addition, By carefully visualizing the relationships between ideas and concepts. 

You want to know more? Then keep reading and find out everything you need to know about this tool.

What is a concept map 

As we have told you before, a concept map is a graphic tool that is used to. What is a organize and represent. Information in a visual and easy-to-understand way. It consists of a diagram that represents company data ideas and concepts, and the relationships between them, in boxes or bubbles, showing them using lines or arrows. Concept maps are commonly used in education  to help students. Organize and understand information effectively, although they are also useful in the business world . They can be used by anyone who needs to organize or present information in a clear and logical way.

How is a concept map made 

Therefore, If you want to learn how to make a concept map, we recommend that you follow these steps: Select a topic: choose the topic on which you want to make your concept map and write the title in the center of a sheet of paper, or the screen if you are using a digital tool. Identify the main ideas: Think about the main DP Leads ideas or concepts that relate to the topic and write them in boxes or bubbles around the title. These ideas will be the main nodes of the map.

In addition, Add secondary ideas: Think about the complementary ideas or details that relate to each of the main nodes and add them to the corresponding boxes or bubbles.