Customer Care, Because Human Contact is Better Than Bots

Real and empathetic assistants or live chat with artificial intelligence? Are chatbots the future of customer service? Will they put natural persoin our opinion it lies in putting together a. “Team” of chatbots and natural people who will offer.  Unbeatable customer serviceends with chatbots such as those of.  Whatsapp, facebook messenger or slake, which forbes magazine . Places 8th in the top ten of digital marketing trends, but we will.  Always have a privileg relationship with natural people, who will be.  Essential in customer care. It is true that the success of a company . Also depends on good customer service and this is the reason why. .  Chatbots will have a decisive role 

Clients digitaland more demanding

In the future, but it is also true that for customers human contact is better than a bot and always will be! The best solution is in the middle . In our opinion it lies in putting together a “. Team” of chatbots and natural people who will offer unbeatable customer service! Efficient customer care: an indispensable. . Marketing lever we know that in any company, customer. Support is a fundamental latest database marketing lever, which “Must” work well at all . Costs. Satisfi customers are those who, perhaps, will return. And remain loyal to the brand, while dissatisfi ones, in addition . To providing bad publicity for the company, are a loss to be contain. Attracting, retaining and

Will bots replace real people?

Retaining customers is the great challenge . That every company faces every day and we also know.  That winning this challenge depends in part on the quality. Of the assistance service offer. In a digital society like ours, this challenge has . Become more difficult, because with social networks, e-commerce.  Or apps, interactions and conversations between people and brands.  Take place in DP Leads real time and the slightest delay or small negligence it can be expensive. Clients digitaland more demanding digital. .  Customers are more demanding than in the past, they expect and. Sometimes demand immiate if not instantaneous responses, even. .  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Users are often more active on weekends, holidays and at unexpect times, when they