Involve Your Electorate in the 2019 Local Elections

How to run a successful election campaign on social media? Have you decided to get involved in politics for the good of your community and take the field? Will your.  Next commitment be the 2019 administrative elections , in which.  You will run as mayor or city councilor ? How do you plan to achieve this goal? What is your strategy? I hope you put digital and new media on your agenda ! As you can see, all the big names in politics make . .Their voices heard on facebook , twitter , youtube or instagram a . Messages such as talking posts or touch certain chords, putting . Voters at the center of propaganda electoral! Use social media to ensure that not even one voter escapes why should

Involve people in your election campaign

A local politician benefit from a social election campaign? Ultimately it’s about speaking to a community, which isn’t that big. Why should the mayoral candidate of a city or a small provincial town speak to his voters from social media? The answer is simple: to use all communication channels and not miss any voters! Not all people go to the debates organized in the city. Some follow television, others read special data newspapers.  And still others prefer to keep up to date on google and social networks . Who wins between google and social media? Both definitely. A political marketing strategy that deploys multiple integrated.  Digital communication channels certainly has more margins for. Success, but it is also a more expensive strategy. If your goal is to make

The role of voters and supporters

Political propaganda that does not exceed . A certain budget, focus on social media, study DP Leads an effective strategy. . And communicate your program to your audience. I recommend: do. Not neglect offline channels and traditional political. Mar.S, the holy cards, the flyers, the posters posted in the appropriat. . Spaces distributed in the city or in the country. Involve people in your. Election campaign what will be the strong point of your social electoral strategy? The involvement of people, your . Fellow citizens or fellow villagers in the electoral campaign and assigning . Them an active role in your social activity. In fact, your facebook or twitter page must never be a sterile monologue, a