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Monitor recurring tasks You may have recurring tasks on your list, but do you know how long it takes to complete them? If you don’t know, make sure you take a moment to monitor this. This helps you better plan your day as you know how long it takes to complete a task and if there is a window in your daily schule when the task could be done. 5. Group similar tasks Analyze your list and see if there are any similar tasks that you can group together. This way, you can remove certain tasks from your list faster and easier.

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The more detail Don’t just include a task like “creating a website” on your list; make sure you have broken the task down into smaller activities. The smaller the tasks, the easier Kazakhstan Business Email List they are to accomplish. 7. Do some prep work beforehand Be sure to prepare for certain tasks in advance. With a little prep work, you spe things up and make sure tasks get done when the right day arrives. Automate maintenance Naturally, you could use a paper-and-pencil approach to your to-do list, however, try to take advantage of technology as well. In fact, try to find a tool that will take care of the maintenance of your to-do list.

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I invite you to know 5 methods for project management . 9. Know your types of tasks and your schules Finally, when planning your day, ask yourself these questions: What DP Leads else do I have schul?   your personal schule. For example, if you are going to travel, make sure that your list reflects it. Don’t try to “overload” your list with too many tasks as you will likely only get a fraction of them done. Is it a main task? This question asks if the task is blocking other tasks from running. From time to time, we might have a task that nes to be tackl first.