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This is achieve by racing your commitments and limiting the projects you have. The fact is that the more commitments (or projects) you have, the more likely they are to end up as tasks on your daily list. In the second case, make your list clos. To do this you have to draw a line below the last task on the list. Once you’ve done this, you won’t be able to add any new tasks to your list for the rest of the day. This ensures that the number of tasks actually decreases as the day progresses. We also recommend reading more about how to delegate tasks effectively.

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Task list that increases your productivity To create a to-do list that you can actually get done the next day, do the following: 1. Delete tasks Review your Jordan Business Email List commitments and decide if you really ne to focus on each of them. There are commitments that may have expir or that you do not ne to attack this week, remove them from the list because you do not have the commitment to fulfill it, for example, the next day.  plan the list Don’t rush to create your to-do list, spend enough time in the planning phase.

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If necessary, “isolate” yourself for the planning phase by going to an empty room in your house (or even leaving it). This way, you can think through the tasks carefully before DP Leads putting them on your list. Try to spend at least 15 minutes on your list when you plan it. 3. Move important tasks to the beginning When planning your day, make sure important tasks are at the top of your list. This ensures that you get those tasks done as quickly as possible. Without a doubt, this is key when creating a to-do list.