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Statistics Denmark At the Annual Environmental Strategy Meeting 2018, the possibility of calculating material flows at local and regional level was also discusse. Several municipalities and cities would like to be “circular” – therefore the possibility of calculating these flows regionally and locally would be a desirable area of ​​development. In the Capital Region, the project “Waste and resources across the board” has just been launche, where one of the tasks will be to get an overview of the regional material flows. DAKOFA, the Technology Council, AAU and a number of waste companies and municipalities participate in the project. Calculations of material flows – what is include.

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According to Statistics Denmark, material flow accounts of the type shown are calle “Economy-Wide Material Flow Accounts” and the methods for this are, among Country Email List other things, develope by the EU’s statistical office, Eurostat. A central indicator is “the domestic material consumption” – domestic material consumption – DMC , which is calculate as “the weight of the resources extracte from Danish nature add to the weight of the goods that are importe and subtracte from the weight of exports. DMC is an indicator of the total amount of materials that have been add to the economy during the period and that are still in the geographical area.

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According to Statistics Denmark, domestic material use has fluctuat between 21.0 and 29.5 tonnes per year in the years 1993-2017. inhabitant – cf. the aforementione figure of 25 tonnes in material consumption per Dane in 2017. When calculating material flows, it is essential to know what is just DP Leads include and what is NOT includ – not least when we know that many raw materials and products are importe to Denmark. In the current statistics, the weight of the importe products is includ, but not the losses and the waste production that has occurre abroad during the production of these products. Statistics Denmark mentioned in the green national accounts for 2014-2015 that methods have been develope in Eurostat and OECD to “convert the direct material flows for import and export into so-called.