The LTCAT report is an important document, which must be prepared by every company with CLT employees. It contains data on occupational risks , employee exposure and preventive measures adopted. Thus, it serves as a basis for the preparation of the Social Security Professional Profile (PPP), granting social security benefits and implementing OSH actions. I comment on other details about the Technical Report on Environmental Work Conditions in the next lines, including the option of issuing and signing via telemedicine . If the topic interests you, continue reading. What is the LTCAT report (Technical Report on Environmental Conditions at Work)? LTCAT report is a document that certifies the presence of risk agents and occupational exposure at work. As the name suggests, this is a technical report that provides information on environmental conditions based on the use of science-based techniques such as occupational hygiene and ergonomics .

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Ergonomic and accident risks . According to Article 276 of Normative Instruction PRES/INSS No. 128/2022 , the following are basic elements of the LTCAT: Indicate whether it is individual or collective company identification Sector and function identification Activity description Japan Phone Number List Identification of the agent harmful to health, listed in the Social Security Legislation Location of possible generating sources Route and frequency ofoccupational exposureto the agent harmful to health Methodology and procedures for assessing the harmful agent to health Description of existing control measures Completion of the LTCAT Signature and identification of the occupational physician or occupational safety engineer Date of carrying out the environmental assessment. Next, I clarify what the LTCAT report is used for. What is the LTCAT report for? As I mentioned above, the main purpose of the LTCAT is to prove exposure to harmful agents .

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Health at work , acting with greater force in mitigating risks. In this scenario, the report helps create effective actions for the Risk Management Program (RMP) and other prevention initiatives. It also provides fundamental data for filling out the PPP , an INSS form that records. The DP Leads profession, activities and working conditions of each worker. It is worth remembering that the LTCAT report is part of the social. Security universe, and is also required for the granting of special retirement to INSS insured persons. What is the difference between the LTCAT and the health report? The most obvious difference is in the purpose of each report. As I explained above, the LTCAT has a social security purpose , attesting to the presence of harmful agents for the granting of special reirement.