Find out how to improve sales in your online store

Did you know that in the month of May alone, e-commerce handled more than R$ 255 million, an increase of 35%? Your online store is organized and ready to sell, but you want to know if you can improve something else? Check out some tips to improve sales in your virtual store! 1 – Have a responsive website More than 70% of internet traffic comes from smartphones, that is, having a mobile website is essential. Imagine accessing a website and not being able to use it properly? Thus, your website needs to be responsive, that is, load in the right size for both cell phones, tablets, and computers. 2 – Take good pictures The human being is very visual, so good quality and attractive images certainly attract attention at the time of purchase. There are several guides on how to produce a good photo without having to be a master of editing. 3 – Capriche in the description of the products Your product description cannot be generic or similar to that of other sellers.

Among the thousands of products available on the internet,

Should that customer buy yours? Use the description as a weapon to convince the user to make the purchase. If you put a lot of effort into the description, it prevents the customer from having to leave your site to look for more details and shows that you have ownership Italy Phone Numbers List over the subject. 4 – Offer an organized look The look of your store says a lot about you. So plan your website design very well. It needs to be visually “clean”, without having a thousand items stuck together, it should be easy to navigate, the colors  should be pleasant and match your brand’s visual identity. Build your own look, nothing to do just like any other brand, this makes the customer think that you cannot offer something new, something unique.

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Therefore online an organized showcase is synonymous with ease

Make it easy to enter your store, find products, add to cart and check delivery options. This way, you guarantee a satisfied customer and many future purchases. 7- Create a pattern for your store Choose the photo and description style you. Prefer on your website and use the same standard. This uniform DP Leads look gives the feeling of familiarity and makes the customer. Quickly identify that that product is yours when he sees it in ads and advertisements. Edho Pratama yeB9jDmHm6M unsplash 1024×683 – Find out how to improve sales in your online store! Invest in different networks to attract your audience to your store and understand. What they want 8 – Invest in more than one channel Invest in several different channels.