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What is a dashboard to visualize data? POST ONMAY 3, 2021 If you ne a tool that allows you to understand the importance of your metrics and indicators in a matter of seconds, you must have a dashboard to visualize your business data. It is estimat that people are, on average, 89% tter at solving problems when looking at visually represent data. In a business environment, this translates to tter decision making. Let’s learn more about the characteristics of a data dashboard and how it will help you improve the performance of your business activities. What is a dashboard A dashboard is a tool us to make a visual representation of the most important information, group on a screen so that it is easily understandable.

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It helps to evaluate the organization of a company or institution, and to monitor various indicators to know your performance at certain times or periods. Data visualization plays an important Nigeria Phone Number List role in every business. That is why different ways of presenting them are us: tables, types of graphs , reports and many others.  design in such a way that obtaining visual information, as oppos to a text, contributes to a more productive perception of information. Productivity in this case lies in a tter understanding and ability to analyze information for tter decision making.

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Having a business dashboard allows you to really manage your activities. As such, you should share your dashboard with the operational managers of the company so that DP Leads everyone has access to the information. At the end of each period, you can meet with them to take stock, analyze the gaps and the reasons for them and determine, together, the corrective measures that must adopt to exce the objectives and understand how the goals that have en achiev have en achiev. They have reach. More than just a management report, the dashboard is us as a true tool that can very effective for your business.