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Managing all the moving parts of a supply chain can a logistics nightmare unless you have access to the right logistics metrics and KPIs . You ne to track the current status of shipments. Monitor inventory levels, and ensure that every order you ship is completely accurate. Use these logistics KPIs to ensure that your operations always run smoothly. What are logistics KPIs? Logistics KPIs are indicators that allow you to quickly identify areas for improvement and the causes of deviations in costs, deadlines or quality. The choice of these indicators is essential and depends on the main objectives of the company (meeting deadlines, rucing logistics costs, etc.

Logistics KPIs can analyz

Over time, allowing you to see if the company is on the “right track”, but can also compar to market standards (logistics ratios and indices generally observ in competing companies). After Spain Phone Number List defining KPIs , an analysis must carri out that allows you to know the logistics performance of the company. Examples of logistics KPIs Many industry leading companies track these KPIs to monitor the health of their business. Inventory rotation Order tracking Ratio between stocks. Sales Units per transaction returns rate Percentage of Items Out of Stock Order status Inventory rotation.

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The Inventory Turnover KPI

Measures how many times per year your organization is able to sell all of its inventory. Inventory turnover is an important indicator of the efficiency of your supply chain. The DP Leads quality and demand for the inventory you hold, and whether you have good purchasing practices. In general, a higher turnover rate is better, while a lower turnover rate suggests inefficiency. Difficulty turning inventory into revenue. Each type of industry will have different benchmarks and standards. For example, a fresh produce supplier will have many more turnovers than a textile/apparel supplier. Know how to measure the time to fill an inventory. Order tracking Logistics KPIs like order tracking monitor the status and accuracy of orders being shipp to your customers.