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Trail indicators should track in real time to allow your team to respond to developing situations and notify customers of any issues before they do it first. I also share 4 supply chain performance metrics Ratio between stocks and sales Another of the logistics KPIs is the inventory-to-sales ratio, which measures how much inventory you have compar to the number of sales orders that are fulfill. This metric is closely ti to inventory turnover, and when taken together, they speak to the financial stability of your organization. It’s important to note that the cost of carrying inventory means that you want to sell your inventory as soon as possible.

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Having better inventory control . Units per transaction This measures the number of units purchas over a period of time and compares that value to target values. This class of logistics KPIs Sweden Phone Number List provides important data on customer buying trends and the effectiveness of your sales teams in moving product quickly. Consider matching units per transaction to the Average Purchase Value KPI to gain insight into your fiscal health. Each type of industry will have different norms for the number of units per transaction, so it’s important to compare your values ​​to historical averages and vendors within the industry.

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The return rate of shipp items. The key to this metric is to provide a breakdown of the reasons items are being return so you can identify trends and ruce the return rate by addressing DP Leads issues at source. Consider linking this KPI to others like perfect order rate. Also review these metrics for logistics performance . Percentage of Items Out of Stock This other example of logistics KPIs measures the number of items that are out of stock at the time a customer places an order. Measure your ability to meet customer demand, a key aspect of successful supply chain management.