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Case studies tell how customers have succeeded. Case studies help readers get a broader perspective of what you can do and how you can help them. Nobody wants to buy a pig in a sack. That’s why it’s important to tell customers’ stories and successes. Also read this: TOP 5 ways to turn blog readers into committed customers We should not forget failures either, because each of us knows that there is no such thing as perfection and mistakes are made. Making mistakes shows a more human side of you. Don’t be afraid to show when you make mistakes. In the end, what matters most is how you fix the error. When telling a customer’s story, start by telling them where they were before they came to you.  what kind of results did you achieve together. Always remember to ask permission from the client before writing a Case Study about them.

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 Read more: This is how you make €8,023.10 in passive sales in four months (Case Study) Download a reminder list for yourself special data here (no need to join the email list). Click either this link or the image below. 5 ways to use a blog to build a brand 3. Show readers where they are making mistakes Contrary to popular belief, we want to be told about mistakes. I don’t know anything more embarrassing than when I do something wrong and everyone around me notices and knows it, except me. because you don’t identify any specific person. Thanks to this, no one loses their own face in front of others, but they can correct the mistake silently.

It's easy to make mistakes in a blog

The reader has received precious help and you a committed reader who will surely one day become a committed and long-term customer. After the post, your reader will think, “ Ohhh, I would have had [the error you are fixing] for a long time if I hadn’t read this post! ” So, in a helpful tone, tell your readers what mistakes they are making and how they can fix them. This shows readers that you want them to succeed and succeed, and if anything, builds a strong brand. Read more: 24 blogging mistakes I didn’t want to learn the hard way 4. Correct a few essential myths In almost every industry, there are persistent myths that make life difficult for you and your customers. Your client doesn’t get the results they want because DQ Leads they believe in myths. Your time, on the other hand, is spent trying to convince your customer to give up the myth. You can think of myths in the same way as mistakes.