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We are building a brand so that we can teach our readers something new, so that we can help them achieve their own dreams and so that we can serve our customers with the great fire and passion that burns inside us. Are you ready to do all the work possible to get your content in front of readers? Brilliant! Let me help you make sure your content does the job it was produced for.  brand and differentiate you from dozens and hundreds of other entrepreneurs. In this post, I’ll give you five different ways to stand out from the crowd and grow your brand with a blog and the content you write. 1.

The purpose of content is to build your

Tell us about yourself and your experience Have you ever been interviewed? Have you noticed that at the beginning latest database of every interview, the interviewer asks the interviewee to tell a little about themselves and how they ended up in the job/field they are currently in? This is normal practice and is due to the fact that readers want to know what the interviewee is like as a person and as a person. Listeners and readers want to know that you are a real person, not just a brand. People want to identify with you and your situation. They want to trust that you know what you’re talking about and only give you the best tips and advice to help them succeed.  cornerstone of your brand. Your story tells who you are behind your professional skills, experience and certificates. You can write your own story in a blog post, on the About page, on the “Hire me” page or on the front page.

Your story is the most important

It doesn’t matter where it’s located, as long as you tell your own story. In fact, every day you live your own story. You can use and utilize your own story actively when building your own brand. Tell us about your working day on Instagram or Twitter. Take pictures when you train. Film a short FB live while making a coaching video. Your story lives on every day. Don’t stop DQ Leads telling it. Read more: The moment I made the decision to leave paid work… 2. Share customer feedback or a case study I personally love reading (and writing) case studies.