Black Friday strategies for SMEs

Black Friday Even though we’ve had huge discounts for a week, today is officially Black Friday. These days companies make their biggest discounts and obtain one of the best sales figures. When we do the math on the results obtained, the profitability per sale is much lower due to the Black Friday offers, but in the general calculation the sales are usually spectacular.

The enormous promotional noise makes your offers go unnoticed Black Friday

Black Friday These days the websites and stores of the vast majority of brands top industry data seem to be in liquidation due to closure. They are all huge discounts, with their hook product strategies, prior price management, etc. etc., aggressive campaigns and end customers are crazy in search of a bargain. As a result of this, the volume of impacts we receive multiplies. In any communication channel the predominant message is discounts, taking advantage of the fact that it ends tomorrow, etc. 

SMEs have to change their sales strategy

As I mentioned in previous articles, SMEs and startups have DP Leads to become magnets for their clients , but they cannot achieve this based on an advertising budget because theirs is limited. They have to find a way to attract their customers instead of chasing them to buy from them. They have to give value to their brand and products, instead of discrediting them through discounts.