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There the data can be fine-tun to focus on longer time periods with greater precision. Learn how to do a sales analysis effectively. Importance of monitoring units per transaction In addition to being a sales KPI us to assess the effectiveness of the sales process and sales team, the UPT is further examin during markdowns. The primary goal of a sale or markdown event is to clear merchandise more quickly. To gauge whether the store is clearing out merchandise at a fast pace, units per transaction acts as an important daily measure to see how many items customers are getting during the sale.

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If the units per transaction is found to be the same as before the markdown event, this could mean that the discount is not effective or that the sales and marketing teams are not promoting the Bulk SMS Indonesia discount to customers on the floor. This also means that the store is losing margins on the products, without achieving the main objective, which is to sell the products quickly. How to increase units per transaction? Units Per Transaction (UPT) can be increas by: Bundle deals (for example, Buy 2 Get 1 Free) Cross selling Accessories discounts Recruitment of qualifi sales personnel Carrying out unit contests per transaction between stores.

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Getting customers to buy more suggests that the company is engag and has a good understanding of its customers. It also means additional revenue and potentially more leverage to increase DP Leads prices and profit margins. Therefore, it is important to monitor this indicator. At TuDashboard we have the tool that will allow you to create a sales dashboard to monitor this and other relevant indicators for your business. Learn how you can monitor various KPIs with the help of a dashboard and how easy it is to have data from various sources in real time in a data dashboard and be able to easily share it as sales reports . Create your free account or request a demo of our platform to answer all your questions. Importance of productivity indicators.