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The design of your dashboard will facilitate effective analysis and quick decision-making, and on the other, an easy update of this data, to guarantee the long-term survival of this tool. It will also be necessary to establish a pertinent periodicity for the elaboration of these indicators, which allow to control the effects of the decisions made and the actions undertaken. By synthesizing the numerous and sometimes complex data of the company and its market, the dashboard will allow you to act quickly and efficiently and will be an essential pillar of your company’s strategy and growth.

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If you want to know how our dashboard software can help you see the importance of productivity indicators and their real-time display, don’t hesitate to contact us. Request a Bulk SMS Austria free account and ask for a demo to answer all your questions. Inventory turnover: what it is, how to calculate it and its importance POST ONSEPTEMBER 6, 2021 The inventory turnover of a company is link to its competitiveness and performance. The faster the turnover, the better the performance of the company. This is an important indicator for inventory management , as it reflects the overall efficiency of the supply chain from supplier to customer.

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This ratio can be calculat for any type of inventory (materials and supplies, work in progress, finish goods. All of them combin), and can be us for both distribution and manufacturing. Let’s learn more about stock turnover, how it is calculat and the importance it has for good inventory management . What is DP Leads inventory turnover? Inventory turnover measures how often, in a given period of time. Your organization is able to sell all of its inventory. Inventory turnover is an important efficiency metric and is useful for analyzing pricing, product demand. And of course, inventory purchasing and costs. It’s also a critical tool when selling perishables, where the potential for waste is high. Importance of inventory turnover Inventory turnover is an important indicator of the efficiency of your supply chain.