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Stock order. Keeping a good inventory control you will able to prict what things you should order and when. This way you won’t have to worry about running out of any ingrients. Order tickets . By having this information you can have tter communication tween the waiters and the kitchen. When you update orders instantly, you avoid causing your staff to make unnecessary mistakes due to miscommunication. These are just a few examples of smart changes you can implement bas on the data you collect. The type of data you collect, how you organize it, and what you do with it is completely up to you. Just make sure to monitor your growth over time.

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The data of a restaurant? Data offers powerful insights into how your business is doing and can help you see where you can improve if necessary. Of course, these metrics will useless if Ivory Coast Phone Number List you don’t understand them and organize them in such a way that you can quickly implement these changes. Monitor your metrics and KPIs for restaurants on a dashboard, view your information up-to-date and in real time to generate growth strategies and make positive changes in your business.

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Your employees, your clients and your portfolio will thank you. Will able to have information from different sources and areas in the same virtual space. And you will able to share DP Leads it with whoever you want to make an effective analysis of the health of your restaurant. If you want to know how to create a dashboard. Create a free account, or request a demo so that one of our advisors can give you a tour of the platform. Event management metrics POST ONMAY 19, 2021 Apparently the reopening of various activities in times of pandemic is a reality. So if you are about to organize an event. It is important that you keep track of some event management metrics.