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Another of the quality indicators that must be track is whether the audit findings have been approv or are still pending. When an issue is find in an audit, a workflow is trigger and notifications are sent to the right people. Employees are then give information about what they have to do and a deadline. By having a dashboard you can have better visibility of the information and see how many audits have been clear, how many are still pending and whether or not action was take on time. If there are pending actions, you can access the list of who is not taking action from the dashboard and to make sure that you act on time and correctly.

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Business process automation training: Pending Training Requirements Ensuring that health and safety, product and quality training is up-to-date is essential Chile Business Email List for many regulatory requirements. Training days can be miss, reschul, or cancel for various reasons. So how do you measure if all employee training is up to date? You should be able to track if there is any pending training. You can create a list of all trainings, whether they are new, overdue and complet, as well as those that have never been schul or were schul but then complet at another time (late), so you can inform employees about the upcoming training , and get your opinion on it.

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The management to understand the status of the training activity. You may be interest in learning about some sales training metrics that you can measure. Risk: Overdue DP Leads risk assessments Regulators are demanding more from managers and this is to show that they are managing risk. Documentation is commonly ne to know what is happening in relation to the risk envelope, how the risk is manag and the assessment actions. So how can you demonstrate that risk is being manag effectively.