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Spend management : What percentage of spend is directly and actively manag by the purchasing team? What is the breakdown of direct and indirect expenses? What is the breakdown of expenses by category? Know the characteristics of an expense control board . Contract/Price Compliance The st agreement means nothing if the providers do not comply once they have sign. Measuring the percentage of suppliers under contract is also not consider one of the most significant purchasing management indicators, but rather a vanity metric. The purchasing department must establish key performance indicators to monitor suppliers against their commitments.

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Contract Price  How many purchase lines are bill above the prices stat in their contracts? What percentage of spending does this excess represent? Average delivery/completion Belgium Business Email List time: What percentage of deliveries are on time bas on service level agreements? For late deliveries, what is the numr of days after the deadline for deliveries to receiv? Here are some metrics for supplier evaluation that will useful to you. Compliance with policies and processes Suppliers are not the only ones that the purchasing department must control. Internal buying habits must also taken into account Contract vs Non-Contract Purchases.

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Spend goes to unnecessary non-contract purchases when there is a contractual alternative? How much money would have en sav by purchasing equivalents under DP Leads contract instead? Purchase/Order Cycle Time : How many hours are ne tween a purchase requisition and the issuance of a purchase order, and how many more hours are ne fore the purchase order is issu to a supplier? The purchasing management indicators that we share with you are not the only ones, you can make your own list bas on the objectives of your organization . However, ask yourself the following general questions: “How many indicators do I analyze and use for periodic KPI reports ? How many really help me track my progress toward my goals.