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The company, internal customers, etc., of the management of the purchases that are made. A purchasing indicator is select bas on the objectives and can display on a dashboard . Thus, in general: the purchasing manager has a global dashboard of the main indicators. Types of purchasing indicators An indicator, if associat with an objective, is a performance measurement tool. Hence, we can classify purchasing indicators into 2 types: effectiveness indicators and efficiency indicators. Efficiency indicators: Efficiency indicators compare the results achiev with the objectives set, that is, we will compare here a performance achiev with a performance objective. For example, the actual amount of expenses compar to the budget.

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The way of considering performance is efficiency, that is, the results obtain in relation to the resources us. An organization is efficient if it achieves its objectives by optimizing the Italy Business Email List resources us. In some cases, this second type of indicator is much more powerful, since it shows the ROI of the purchasing function and allows measuring its contribution to the overall strategy of the company. I leave you 5 tips to improve business efficiency . Examples of purchasing management indicators Here are some KPIs for a purchasing department that will very useful for you: examples of purchasing indicators Efficiency in purchases Purchasing departments cannot drive business efficiency if they are not efficient themselves.

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Own efficiency must a priority. Savings is often present as one of the indicators of purchasing management. But rather it would a ” vanity metric “, that is, an indicator that flatters DP Leads the ego, but that is of no use. cause? cause this indicator does not take into account the effort (money) that is invest in these savings, nor the other possibilities that are left aside. Procurement ROI : yond the total savings achiev (cost ruction, cost avoidance, or both, depending on your organization), what is the result in relation to the total internal cost of managing the purchasing team.

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