Inbound Marketing find out what it is and how to use it

The evolution of possibilities in the online environment resulted in the emergence of Inbound Marketing. The concept became popular after the release of the book “Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media and Blogging” by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. In general, Inbound Marketing is a set of strategies to attract and convert customers. So much so that the translation of the term is “attraction marketing”. Unlike traditional marketing, Outbound Marketing, the company does not go after the customer. But rather the opposite. For example, if you create a TV ad about whitening toothpaste, it will interrupt the prospect’s daily routine. On top of that, to talk about a product he never asked about. Inbound Marketing does the opposite. Through relevant content, it leads the user to the purchase action. Especially those interested in the product. Difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing Inbound Marketing creates relevant content on blogs and social networks. So, when looking for this content, the customer finds your product or service. In addition to optimizing for SEO.

Thus ranking in search engines like Google Because of this

Winning customers and generating sales. In addition, it establishes the brand as an authority on the product/service it offers. That is, he attracts the customer through these tools and works to nurture a relationship with each lead. The great differential of Inbound Marketing is its France Mobile Number List  potential for profit generation. Since online strategies are easily measured, measured and analyzed. Through online tools, it is possible to calculate how many people saw your ad, or entered your website, or clicked to buy your product. Based on this information, you find out what is working and what can be improved, and especially how much your company will profit from it. And believe me, it won’t be little, because by opting for Inbound Marketing instead of traditional marketing, you’re already saving. According to Demand Metric, digital marketing strategies are up to 62% cheaper than traditional marketing and still generate three times more potential customers. Steps of Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing works through stages.

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The first one attracting works based on the following thought

The user doesn’t visit my website, doesn’t know that my brand exists, he doesn’t become a lead and doesn’t close the sale. Therefore, the strategy does not even leave the first stage. So the key is to attract. The logic is simple, instead of spending a fortune going after people who may or may DP Leads not be interested in the product, something interesting and attractive is built that truly catches the consumer’s attention. One of the countless ways to show that your product or service is useful and can add value is through a blog. Use the blog strategically. It is not enough just to publish hundreds of pieces of content that do not add value. Invest more in quality than quantity. The blog must contain quality content that is useful for your target audience, that clarifies any doubts or solves their problems. That is, you can not only advertise yourself, but offer other rich content. Customer attracted and now? The second step is to convert. You attracted the user to your website and now, how do you turn them into a contact? How do you get him to pass on information? Offering content.