How to Bring Website Visitors and Strengthen Your Brand

Imagine that you created your website, left it the way you imagined it, but………no one visits it. Disheartening, isn’t it? This happens because there is no point in having a website, but people are not aware that it exists. The internet has hundreds of thousands of websites, how can people discover that your website exists among so many options? With paid traffic ! On the internet, the term traffic refers to visits to your website or online store. Due to the characteristics of digital marketing, it is possible to attract the right target audience to your page. This is where paid traffic comes in, which works as follows. Visitors come to your website through advertisements on online platforms. How does paid traffic work? your company invests a value so that the public is directed to your website. The best known platform nowadays is Google Ads.To understand paid traffic, you first need to understand that there are two payment methods.

Who was never accessing a website and found a Google ad

Most cases, that person saw that ad because they searched for a specific keyword that that business is interested in. For example, let’s say you searched for paid traffic, digital marketing, or Inbound Marketing . You can see that from this search, ads will appear on these subjects Dubai Phone Number List on Google pages. When you invest in paid traffic, when the user searches for a keyword relevant to your business, you  guarantee that your website will appear at the top of searches. You pay to be more relevant in searches. That way, the more at the top, the chances of the user clicking on your site are greater. It is important for your company to be on the first page of search results, because according to imForza, 75% of users never click on results after the first page of search results . In contrast, 93% of all traffic comes from a search engine. Realize? Excellent traffic on your website is only possible if your company/product appears in searches. Paid traffic vs organic traffic There are other forms of traffic as well. One of them is organic traffic .

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The difference between paid and organic traffic is that in organic there is no cost

That is, users visit your site naturally. That is, your website sells dress shoes, for example. When the user searches for “dress shoes stores in city X”, Google’s algorithm will identify that your store sells this product and is available in city X. Therefore, Google will show your site to that user. The great difficulty of getting organic traffic is that there are millions of options on the internet. That is, there is DP Leads a lot of competition, even more so with virtual stores, and nothing can guarantee that your website will be displayed on the first page of search. In addition, another difference is that organic traffic is an SEO strategy that does not offer immediate results. It works in the long run as it takes a marketing team working constantly to make your site rank among the best. On the other hand, paid traffic generates immediate results. It is indicated for when you are going to create or have recently created your website, or even when you do not have a digital marketing team that optimizes SEO and produces relevant content.