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Remember that the purpose of a KPI is to help decision makers achieve the specific objectives of the company, so if you rely on the use of a dashboard to track them, you will have better results. Get to know everything our tool offers you, request a demo and discover its full potential. Simply put, data visualizations are graphs that reveal data and values. They help simplify spreadsheets or data tables into images that are easier to digest and from which insights can be deriv. The beauty of visualization is that you can take a huge amount of data and compress it into a simpler form so that complex ideas and insights can be clearly communicat.

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This makes it easy for us to recognize repeating trends, insights and outliers that then help inform the choices we make about how to conduct our business. Surely as a company you have Estonia Business Email List the ne to consolidate, classify and represent an increasing volume of information, so knowing the different ways of representing data will help you assess the performance of your organization. Data visualizations are graphs that assign visual marks to corresponding data values. Data visualizations make it easy for us to recognize repeating trends, insights, and outliers that can help us understand complex data sets and make smarter decisions.

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You’ll ne a platform that can connect your data sources and allow you to access or create visualizations, whether they’re pre-built data dashboards , custom reports, or something in DP Leads between. Data visualization types include line, bar, pie, area, or table charts, all depending on the data set and the insights you are trying to gain from it. When you create your data visualizations, consider who the audience is, what metrics and data sources to include, how you should group the data, what question you are trying to answer, and what type of visualization best meets your nes.