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Necessary to review the routes of the rounds to optimize their margins. maritime transport KPIs Freight transport by sea also has its own problems. These are relat to the issue of transit through different platforms, ports or loading docks. Maritime transport KPIs can be the following: The volume of containers manag each month or year The number of containers handl by each employee Average difference between plann and actual times (for departures and arrivals) Thus, there are different logistics KPIs , but those relat to maritime transport focus more specifically on the issues of container transit and customs.

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Air transport, the KPIs could be the following: Number of shipments average load weight Average delay per plane Tips for choosing the right transport KPIs Regardless of the mode of transport, in Malta Business Email List order to choose the data to be observ, two essential rules must be follow: Select performance indicators should be tailor to the activity These indicators should not be too numerous Also, the KPIs you choose should help you list the affect areas and optimize the supply chain. Focus on the really essential KPIs. As we have said, this depends on your business and the means of transport. How to make a transport KPIs report If you want to monitor transport productivity indicators.

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Through a dashboard and have access to information in real time. With TuDashboard you can create intuitive and effective data dashboards that are powerful supply chain DP Leads management tools. With this dashboard software you will be able to have all the data relat to your transport activity in real time and structure the information to be able to detect problems, trends, make a better analysis and make decisions. In logistics, visualizing your information through different types of graphs will allow you to automatically follow all your indicators and carry out actions for continuous improvement.