Is the creative economy doomed to uberization because of AI

Until not long ago, the creative economy seemed safe from the increasingly powerful (and omnipresent) artificial intelligence . However, the entry on the scene (absolutely seismic) of artificial intelligence programs for image generation could turn the creative economy upside down like a sock (perhaps condemning it in an uncanny way to the feared “Uberization”). In June , Cosmopolitan magazine featured, without going any further, the first cover developed with the help of artificial intelligence . The cover in question was the work of DALL-E 2, an artificial intelligence program whose name is an amalgamation of the names of the robot from the Pixar film.

AI expands the horizons of human creativity

Artificial intelligence platforms industry email list such as DALL-E 2, developed by OpenAI. Also Midjourney , generate images like hotcakes (as eye-catching as they are “resultant”) based on specific “keywords.” But to what extent are such images art? Video game developer Jason Allen recently wanted to answer this question and entered a work generated with the invaluable help of Midjourney in an art contest in Colorado (United States). Which managed to win the contest., to the chagrin of the media and Twitter. Who even went so far as to proclaim the “death” of art because of such an unusual triumph. Allen assured in any case that he invested more than 80 hours in his work “Théâtre D’opéra Spatial” and that he relied on more than 900 iterations to find the final version of his artistic piece. Whose “look” is from then absolutely stunning.

Artificial intelligence does not by any means shoot human creativity

in the back of the head , but rather DP Leads expands it and opens it to horizons never previously explored. Neckar emphasizes. Although many live with fear in their bodies of the possibility of being surpassed on a creative level by artificial intelligence. The truth is that machines will never be in a position to solve creative problems in a way as original and genuine as humans . who will always be immensely superior in this area. Creatives should not. Therefore, curse the opportunities hidden in new technologies but take advantage of such opportunities to rediscover again and again their own creativity. Which is regenerated, after all, constantly in a kind of virtuous circle. .