Magnum and LOLA MullenLowe a brand construction based

Ten years goes a long way. In the advertising field, ten years of agency-client relationship not only allow for great advertising successes; but also to forge a relationship of friendship between both parties that goes far beyond the professional. This is the case of LOLAMullenLowe and Unilever who have come today to El Ojo de Iberoamérica to talk about the friendship they have built over these years. Tomás Ostiglia , Executive Creative Director of LOLA MullenLowe Spain , Tom Elliston , Managing Director of LOLA MullenLowe Spain and Ben Curtis , Global Vice President, Magnum Ice Cream at Unilever , Netherlands have given one of the most enriching presentations of the day: «The ice cream days. A talk about brand building and friendship.

Construction of this friendship

they affirm that the brand has been category email list built, since the pillars on which both things are built are the same. The first thing that must exist for this relationship to occur is curiosity on both sides so that they decide to choose each other and work together. For Curtis, it is essential that there is admiration on both sides to be able to build a brand together. Second is admiration . «When we started working with Magnum there were already a lot of values and a clear territory. Without a clear territory you cannot make a brand,” say the representatives of LOLA MullenLowe. Regarding these codes, the agency opted for a more interesting and daring communication, from which pieces such as ” ” emerged.

Life and Death in New York

Loyalty , as well as in friendship, is DP Leads one of the values ​​that this trio has stressed that it is necessary to have in this relationship, because that allows you to make mistakes and have a friend on the other side who will support you . Experimentation is probably one of the most visible values ​​in the relationship between LOLA Mullenlowe and Magnum, and an example of this is the actions they have carried out in recent years, such as the creation of a photography book, the creation of a piece Japanese anime or the brand’s commitment to art and illustration.