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Sticking to the plan or schule to produce a certain amount of something is very important if the manufacturer wants to meet customer expectations and corporate strategy. Inventory Turnover Control: Additional inventory means tying up valuable financial and real estate resources. The main idea of ​​manufacturing is to use space for production and not for storing additional materials and components. The higher the inventory turnover rate, the more effectively the supply chain is built. The inventory turnover rate can be calculat as the number of days that materials have not been mov from the warehouse or warehouse to production.

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Dependent on the specific nes of the manufacturer, but as a general rule, rotation of more than 30 days can be consider a long period. Find out how to measure the time Bolivia Business Email List to fill an inventory . Monitor your production indicators on a dashboard In manufacturing, where there are many external factors influencing, monitoring the performance of production indicators means the difference between success and failure. It is very important to note that production metrics alone cannot solve a factory’s current problems. They act more like a map and compass, showing whether the operation is proceing correctly.

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The cause it is very important to start taking action. And continue to measure the effectiveness of these actions with performance indicators. Find out what DP Leads visual management of factory processes is. Tool to monitor production indicators A dashboard software will allow you to have a complete vision. And control over all the steps of the manufacturing process. If you want to implement the use of a dashboard in your factory to have better control of the data generat by each of your areas. We can help you. Create data dashboards with all the information you ne to monitor the proper functioning of your factory.