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Maps listening are comprehensive and specialize agencies on the market. Which one to choose? Types of marketing agencies Many marketing agencies provide comprehensive services. The purpose of such an agency is to build a specific, desire image of a company or a single product or service through various activities in various areas of promotion, public relations , web development, content marketing or social meia service. A comprehensive agency has the right tools and sufficient resources to fully take care of the client’s business in terms of marketing. What does this mean in practice.

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Such an entity is able to both design a logo and prepare a website.  Text materials for a blog, or run a campaign in the Facebook Ads system. The client presents his expectations, and the agency, base on them, determines the entire marketing concept that will lead to the photo editor achievement of specific business goals. The agency combines specialists from various fields – programmers and webmasters will build a website or online store, designers will take care of the website’s graphic design and visual identification of the brand, promotion experts will plan a marketing strategy, develop advertising slogans and select communication channels,

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SEO / SEM specialists will take care of website positioning. Advertising on Google, social meia experts will watch over activities on Facebook, LinkeIn. Instagram, and a PR specialist will create a positive image of the brand. There are also many agencies specialize in a specific field, dealing only with one branch of marketing. We distinguish agencies: SEO – manage search DP Leads engine optimization campaigns.  Research keywords, conduct website audits, evaluate metadata, digital advertising. PPC- generate traffic on the websites of companies by placing advertisements in the Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkeIn Ads, etc.