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 Marketing approach is divid A brand strategist for companies and agencies, holding numerous conferences on the world of communication, advertising and web. PREVNEXT RESPONSES Umbertina Maritan May , at : REPLY Well done Mariano, always committ, for the common good. I remember you with sympathy, affection and esteem. HI. Mauto Tonini November , at : REPLY I deeply agree.  Aam a man of letters and art historian, but with scientific studies behind me and various work experiences. I develop unconventional approaches on any theme and subject.

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Television documentaries. But elaborate is seo expate bd not the right word: ideas come on their own, I just have to grab them before they vanish because they go fast. The method is what you talk about: studying, reading, watching, listening, experimenting; accumulating knowlge, information, contacts, direct experiences, and above all taking care to stay out of any preordain scheme. The latter is perhaps the only rule that must not be transgress. How do you pursue it? By delving into every experience and knowlge with competence and passion, and knowing how to get out of it quickly.

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Follow a thread, not necessarily logical, at every DP Leads change of field. The result comes by itself. You just ne to have no prejudices or fears. There are other fears that terrify people like me, and mainly that of not being able to make ends meet, as they say. Because the seller of ideas – the ideas behind the ideas that must then be sold to the customer – has no social or professional recognition. And anyway, there is no better job in the world. Thank you. Mariano Diotto November , at : REPLY Thanks Mauro Pietro Carattoli February , at : REPLY All this is sacrosanct but the school bas on sterile and unsystematiz notions has a great responsibility.