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Training Director, Administration and payroll system manager Here are some tips for human resource management . Importance of employee management for company strategy Good human resource management helps you optimize and increase the productivity of the company, making the most of the efficiency of its employees. In addition to hiring, developing and retaining the best talent for the company in a sustainable way. Business leaders must recognize that people are an organization’s most important asset.

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It must apply effective management of its resources. Human resource management has an impact on the entire company: It guarantees finding the most suitable employees; It favors Uruguay Phone Number List the commercial influence of the company, by keeping the teams involv and motivat (especially the commercial teams); It helps to optimize the company’s costs thanks to a more efficient personnel management; It brings real add value to the competition. Therefore, it can be a real competitive advantage. Tools like a human resources dashboard can help you better manage your workforce. You can link data from various areas to optimize your process of analyzing your workers’ information and focus on other activities, or simply detect key points for improvement more easily and efficiently.

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Tu Dashboard can support you in this process. Request a demo of our dashboard software and discover all its features. What are the most effective work metrics? POST ONAPRIL 16, 2021 Performance appraisal is DP Leads an essential and important step for both the employee and the company. There are different work metrics that can help us measure the results and know if the objectives are being met. Although some of the parameters are common in all types of companies, some criteria are different for production and administrative staff. We are going to learn more about the work metrics that will help us avoid making mistakes in evaluating the performance of our workforce.