Offers a Diversity of Digital Media Formats

Another advantage that the interactive digital book offers is the possibility of using various formats. Including those preferred by the public and those that are becoming trends in Digital Marketing . Offers a Diversity Everyone loves GIFs , Imagine how interesting it would be to include them in an ebook. The traditional PDF format does not allow this, so the images are always static. This case, however, is different. Including GIFs can make the reading experience more enjoyable. Audio files are another great option, because they can make the consumption of your content much richer and more useful for your audience.

Allows You Offers a Diversity to Monitor the Actions Performed by the User

At most, it is possible to use Google Analytics email contact list and place a UTM on the text links to know the origin of that access. But that alone is not enough in strategic terms. On the other hand, by adopting an interactive digital book, you will be able to measure. Both the number of answers to the questions and the views of the types of media included. Which can provide ideas to improve the performance of the content. If potential customers are abandoning reading the material. When answering questions in the first form, you need to improve it.

Making an Interactive Digital Book

Interactive ebooks can be enriched DP Leads with different content formats. text, images, audio, video, among others. And knowing how to choose them can raise questions before or during production. In the same way as in the process of creating a traditional ebook the interactive digital book may require the insertion of other forms of media to complement the reading. Another very common question is: should I load all these formats within the ebook or simply link them? And the answer is: it depends on the case.