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You can check your status by heading to the twitter blue settings. Frequently ask questions about twitter blue still have questions? We’ve got answers to your frequently ask questions about twitter blue. What is the point of twitter blue? Twitter blue is a subscription service that allows you access to premium features and benefits on the app. Subscribers enjoy expand reach. Prioritize tweets. And other features that make conversing on the app that much better. For many. The point of twitter blue is also to receive a blue verification badge. Which can give your account legitimacy. Is twitter blue still available? Yes!

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Twitter blue is now globally available. Is it worth getting twitter blue? That depends. Many content creators. Marketers. And brands will want to get twitter blue for any number of reasons. It could be that you want to give your business an air of legitimacy online or that you want to have priority replies. There are a ton of features that can make twitter blue worth it.

Does twitter blue affect the algorithm b2b email list As far as we know. The twitter algorithm remains unaffected by a twitter blue status. But. Because twitter blue is a recent upgrade. It still remains to be seen whether or not a subscription can affect your twitter algorithm.

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What do the different color twitter checkmarks mean? Alongside twitter blue. Twitter has launch twitter verify organizations. With twitter verify organizations. An account on twitter can have either a gold or a grey checkmark. The gold checkmarks mean an account is a verify business. The grey checkmarks mean it is either a government or multilateral account.

What is an affiliation badge – an affiliation DP Leads badge on twitter signals that an account is connect to an organization. An affiliation badge will contain the profile photo of a verify organization and can be apply to all affiliates of the organization. The checkmarks associate with affiliate accounts may be gold. Grey. Or blue. Depending on the type of account.